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We’ll Be Right Back

We’ll Be Right Back

GravityFed, Inc. is a web media company based in Utah. We registered the domain name in 1999, and built one of the first “social networks” in the skiing world at

We’re still in business, but there are no current happenings on the flagship (this) site. All of our focus for several winters has been on building a new Alta skiing community at

There are rich GravityFed archives, most of which are not currently accessible online. If you have any questions or would like more information contact Gary Marcoccia or Jesse Hoffman (

Published by GravityFed on 27 Aug 2010

Remember this classic?

Farmer Dave TracksTime to start digging out the gems from the gfed archives. And yes, there are a lot of them. One of these days we’ll get to featuring them one-by-one again 😉 For now, enjoy the
Farmer Dave Profile
“Dave Van Dame is an Alta skier and a local legend because of his skiing technique. I first saw his unmistakable tracks in the backcountry in the winter of 1992 and thought, “What the hell made those?” It looked as if a snowmobile made about 40 turns side by side. It was not until we got closer that it became apparent the tracks were made by a skier. The snakey grooves were cut side by side and about a foot apart and took up an entire snowfield. I think I was with Matt West at the time and he said, “Oh, that’s the work of the snow farmer, he’s out here in the backcountry a lot…”
Read entire story in two parts…

Published by GravityFed on 18 Sep 2009

Free Shipping Patagonia Direct

Yet another killer deal from Patagonia direct. Now through September 21st you can get free shipping on your entire order, with some restrictions. Here are the details..

Free Ground Shipping for orders over $100 till 9/21/09; use Promo Code AFF9SHIP -Excludes surfboards, wetsuits, blankets, gift cards, gifts bags, Carry Y’All Bag and shipping are excluded. Offer valid in USA only. Click link above, or banner below to redeem. Be sure and use promo code.

Published by GravityFed on 09 Sep 2009

Kids Gear Marketplace

One of these days we’ll get around to re-purposing and posting all the legendary, authentic ski bum content that lives deep in the GravityFed archives (right now there is just a small fraction of the content/articles we have there). But until then, we’ll just keep you up to date on all the development news from the GravityFed Network of sites.

For instance, last post I talked about the gear on sale blog @ GravityDex…which BTW the way is out of the gate and running. With the site authority and legacy “The Dex” holds, it didn’t take long for Pingomatic and WordPress to do their collective magic. We’re trending phat with nearly 10,000 uniques for the web’s oldest outdoor directory in the first 8 days of September…and nearly a third of those visitors are coming from the brand new blog.

Next on the update band wagon is Kids Gear Outlet. That site has been chugging a long getting more and more authority over the past couple of years. But this week we axed Upside Over (they went out of business), but added Little Ruler (kids skate clothing) and Play Outdoors (kids adventure gear). Those two retailers join Backcountry, Patagonia and REI. This is a quality resource for active families looking to outfit their wee ones with kid specific outdoor products. Enjoy!

Published by GravityFed on 06 Sep 2009

Gear on Sale Blog @ GravityDex

The oldest outdoor links directory on the web just go better. Last year we added a gear outlet featuring the top outdoor stores on the web, and the list of retailers keeps growing. And now we’ve added a WordPress blog that will highlight all the deals and promotions from these retailers, as they roll out. If you’re not into paying top sticker for your gear and apparel, then you should subscribe to this blog for up-to-the-minute gear coupons and more!

Check it out…I bet you’ll see some similarities to this blog 😉

Published by GravityFed on 12 Aug 2009

Patagonia Summer Sale 2009

The last post here in June was about Patagonia Web deals direct from…and this post is about their summer sale happening right now through August 20th. These guys have one of the top manufacturer direct-to-consumer web stores in the outdoor industry. Product coming straight from Patagonia themselves, and not a retailer middleman!

Act fast to get the size and color you need, and save 40%-60% off the retail price with this sale. Killer deals on killer outdoor clothing. Click the banner below and shop away. No promo code necessary…

Published by GravityFed on 10 Jun 2009

Deals Direct from Patagonia

Ever wondered where you could find an aggregated list of deals or a Patagonia Outlet? If that’s a yes your search is over. We’ve built a catalog powered direct from that features all their current web specials as well as site wide deals and the occasional exclusive offer.

There is an RSS feed you can access that delivers real time deal info so you don’t have to rely on email notifications or worse yet a bookmark on your browser.

More gear outlet stores to be featured soon including Altrec, Backcountry Outlet, Evogear and REI…so stay tuned hippies.

Check out all Patagonia Web Specials in the meantime…

Published by GravityFed on 04 May 2009

Anniversary REI Sale 2009

It’s on. The 2009 Anniversary Sale is at (and all REI retail stores). Don’t fart around. Right now through May 10th you’ll save some serious cash for whatever outdoor gear you’re in the market for. To get started just click the banner below and shop away. Best prices online right now for top brand name gear.

Check out ALL DEALS from REI and Subscribe to this RSS deal feed.

Published by GravityFed on 14 Apr 2009

Killer Patagonia Deals Available

This is an offer that’s direct from…not one of their distributors. Since Patagonia offers a direct to consumer store on their web site, you’ll find the best deals anywhere on patagonia clothing and apparel right here. Check out the details of the current special online offers or view/subscribe to the deal feed from the official Patagonia web store.


New clothing and outdoor gear for trail running, surfing, climbing, hiking, and fly fishing is now available. Stop by soon to get first pick in our Web Specials section at savings of 40-60%.

And Timing couldn’t be better: get free ground shipping on orders over $100 through 4/20. Plug this promo code in during checkout: FREESHIP3

Click the link below and shop away. Don’t forget about the promo code for free shipping…

Browse all current Patagonia Deals (Subscribe to this deal feed ):

Published by GravityFed on 09 Apr 2009


We are in the process of rolling out another targeted outdoor gear site, this time specific to camping stuff, and more specifically sleeping bags. It’s just about ready for prime time, and some serious traffic. It’s yet another (and most recent) version of the continuously evolving format we’ve got for our product content network (see the GravityFed sidebar category on this blog). (SBO) features products from both and, as well as editorials, product reviews and compelling deals/promotions from an array of outdoor stores. This seems to be the most popular blog category we see across multiple sites. I wonder why. Hint: Retail is for suckers on the web. There is always outdoor gear on sale or daily deals to be had.

At any rate, check out all the closeout sleeping bags at outlet prices from the top outdoor industry brands. Let us know what you think!!

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