U.S. to Count Outdoor Recreation Economy As Part of GDP

I thought this was big news. Especially since I did not realize the Outdoor Recreation Economy was NOT part of the U.S. GDP. I have been working for, and supporting, outdoor industry brands for a long time, and it never even occurred to me that the tens of BILLIONS spent every year on gear, travel… Read More »

November Update: A New Logo & Mark

Greetings influencers and brands! I hope the winter and holiday season is off to a good start for everyone. GravityFed is based in Utah, so things are off to a good start for us in terms of winter. TheDailyPow.com (a powder skiing influencer) just released this short 30 second video (see all thedailypow vids) of… Read More »

September Update: Logistics

Here is a quick post-summer update. Sorry for the absence but thanks for the gear reviews and contributions that were added over the last several months! Although there are plans to move the needle on our platform and vision, we have hit some logistical and technical hurdles. The red tape has pushed back our development… Read More »

SIA Moves West to Park City

As a Utah-based company we are excited with the news that Snowsports Industries America (SIA) will be moving HQ to Park City…the progressive hub and pedal mecca of the state (sorry PC, LCC has you on skiing) 🙂 The snowsports show will stay in Denver. This move makes all the sense in the world to… Read More »

11 Second Clip of Alta Pow (early 2000s)

About a month ago we mentioned the large content archives that exist deep on the GravityFed.com site, and also on various storage drives somewhere in my house. I have been a bit distracted, but I want to keep sharing all of this. Check this one out! It’s Dave McReynolds in deep powder. I am pretty… Read More »

June Update: The NEW GravityFed!

Happy summer…(well, almost!). This is Gary M and I wanted to post a quick update. We are continuing to bring on bloggers and other web influencers…namely those interested in content marketing and producing reviews. Several members are contributing great content already, and it’s been exciting to watch each post propagate it’s way around and about… Read More »

Little Cottonwood Canyons Ski Footage from early 2000s

Don’t ask me what kind of video equipment was used back then to get these short clips. I have found about a dozen of them buried deep in the GravityFed archives. As I release them I’ll add them here. So far I have featured Candide Thovex coming up short on Chad’s Gap, and Dave McReynolds… Read More »

GravityFed Archives circa 2000-2005

In 2005 GravityFed acquired the website AltaCam.com from T&T Bike and Ski, then shortly after launched TheDailyPow.com. The Daily Pow essentially started as the AltaCam Blog, but quickly morphed into a unique platform for publishing short, engaging video “ski report” edits that are still sanctioned and supported by Alta Ski Area today. However, prior to… Read More »

GravityFed, Inc. Announces Rebrand; Celebrates 16 Years of Sustainable Business

For Immediate Release: GravityFed, Inc. Announces Rebrand; Celebrates 16 Years of Sustainable Business For over 16 years GravityFed has published skiing and mountain-lifestyle web content. In that time we have represented many brands, sponsored many promotional events, and have been a sanctioned media outlet for Alta Ski Area. In particular The Daily POW, an offshoot… Read More »