We were fortunate to be introduced to a new company this winter, Swany Performance Gloves! We have seen Swany Ski Gloves around Alta for a while now, but never had the opportunity to try them out until now. The GravityFed crew was sent both the APOLO (NFX-5) from the Flexor line, and the Swany X-change II Ski Glove from their Sports Utility Crossover Collection.

Both get an A for warmth, and overall comfort. But the APOLO gets an A+! We were especially impressed with the molded knuckles with the APOLO. And over the course of the winter I had the opportunity to talk them up a TON on the lift. A lot of people noticed the burly knuckles and rugged leather. Easy conversation piece, and there were nothing but good things to say all around about these ski gloves.

Check out GM’s review on both gloves as well, on Ski Bum Poet. Thanks to Swany for sending over these two pair of gloves. We certainly reccommend both for any Altafarian (or any skier for that matter)!

Buy Swany Performance Gloves at Backcountry.com.