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Product: Teton Sports Talus 2700

Brand: Teton Sports

March 27, 2017

Bottom Line

Great pack for a variety of adventures

Field Notes

Patton Cave Charles Deam Wilderness with the Teton Sports Talus 2700

This past weekend Vanessa and I went on a trip to my favorite place here in Indiana the Charles C. Deam Wilderness just outside Bloomington. After checking the forecast it should be a perfect day for hiking. This also gave me another chance to use the Talus 2700 pack I got from Teton Sports. One of the features I like about this pack is that it really snugs to your body and you don’t have that annoying “pack swing”. Seeing that it is spring here in Indiana the weather changes constantly so I made sure I had a dry change of clothes and layers packed in as well as my camera.

We arrived at the trail head in the Blackwell Horse camp and set off on our trip. The hiking is pretty easy and well marked. In order to find the cave you have to look for an unmarked trail. The GPS coordinates can be found online and put into a GPS device. What I did was send them to my phone as well as the cave’s coordinates via Google Maps (if you sign in with a Google account it’s easy!). Once we got to the end of the trail to the cave there are established camp sites if you want to stay the night. Remember to practice Leave No Trace to help preserve this wonderful wilderness. Patton Cave is located just below the ridge line but be careful getting down.

As you can see in the picture Patton Cave is pretty big. You can walk in to the back that is a decent size cavern and there is a passage off to the right that you could squat down and walk back but we didn’t dare! There are geodes stuck in the walls and ceiling and you can see the stalactites forming! Such a cool sight to see and nice to sit and relax.

We didn't bring any camping gear with us because it was suppose to rain the next day so we decided to have a snack, sit and enjoy the views before leaving. Cinching up our packs we headed back for the 4ish mile hike back. Feeling accomplished and smiling Vanessa and I were enjoying the walk back when we heard thunder in the distance. Vanessa looked at me and said "We better pick it up!". It’s a good thing we packed rain jackets! Now the one thing I didn’t like about the Talus 2700 pack is that it came with a poncho instead of a pack cover. I’m sure it won’t be hard to find one though.

Bill “The Gear Guy”

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  • Fits snugly to your body, no "pack swing"
  • Lots of room


  • Came with a poncho instead of a pack cover.