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Product: Koala Super Grip Harness

Brand: Hangtime Gear

November 21, 2020

Bottom Line

Bad things happen to good phones when in the pursuit of fun, don't let yours be another casualty. Play more and worry less by strapping your phone into a Koala Super Grip Harness.

Field Notes

The Hangtime Gear "Koala Super Grip Harness" is one of the best pieces of adventure gear that I've used in recent memory.

It's super simplistic in it's design and intended function and yet it is also an absolute game changer!

I can not even begin to count how many phones I've lost or damaged in my daily pursuit of fun. It has been something that I've tried to mitigate but really just had to accept as part of life, either that or give up the activity as not carrying my phone in case of emergency was not an option.

Then, along comes the Koala Super Grip Harness.

The clip grabs on to every fabric/anchor point I've tried and has not let me down yet.

I've taken some recent spills that were pretty nasty and once I got up and found my bearings, I didn't have to search for my phone since it was still hanging from me.

testing environment

I've used the Koala Super Grip Harness to keep my phone attached to me on adventures ranging from winter paddling in whiteout conditions to first ascents, moto rips and chasing nieces and nep


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Universal Design
  • Color Options
  • Excellent Functionality


  • None that I've encountered in a year of use