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Product: Timberline Camp Chair

Brand: Klymit

May 04, 2021

Bottom Line

It will definitely be a part of our standard gear every time we camp this year. We'll consider buying a 2nd one if it holds up well this summer.

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Field Notes

Reasons for buying

  1. Our Jeep is always packed with gear and I wanted something compact that didn't take up as much space as our usual camping chairs
  2. There were other options that were lighter and probably smaller but I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs and I really wanted the high back for some neck support. I want to relax when sitting, not balancing in my seat.
  3. There weren't a lot of ratings on Amazon, so I figured this would be better for a review video than something that was around for a while.

Gear Notes:

  • Weighs in at 44oz.
  • Weight limit is 225 lbs.
  • Material seems to be sturdy and of great quality.

testing environment

Car camping in Colorado.


  • Takes up less than half the space of a traditional camp chair.
  • Lightweight
  • Quality Material


  • Feels a little wobbly. Don't let young kids climb on it.
  • Blows over easily since it is so lightweight.