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Brand: Truck

February 22, 2021

Bottom Line

I had a great time testing these three pairs of Truck gloves in the Colorado mountains and found the Trigger to be my favorite, followed by the M1 Mittens as a close second. Alpine and backcountry skiing with these gloves were enhanced by the breathability that these gloves offer. The simple design across all three pairs led me to know what to expect each time I ventured out into various weather conditions. Read my full review online for a deep dive on all of the rating categories such as Comfort, Mobility, Breathability, Value, and Features. Link below in the Field Notes.

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testing environment

I tested all three models of these gloves/mittens on alpine and backcountry ski tours as well as on Winter hiking and photography missions in various locations throughout Colorado.


  • Great fit, stylish colors, and excellent prices.


  • Truck does not reveal how their products are produced or how their materials are sourced. If you care about how their company is impacting the environment, you’ll have to dig deeper.
  • The cuffs on both the M1 Mitten and the Trigger glove could use just a little more material to make a larger opening for those who tuck in their bulky ski or snowboard jacket.