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Product: Serai Boots

Brand: AKU

February 26, 2017

Bottom Line

They’re light, stiff, comfortable in use and have some neat design touches as well as some highly practical ones to ‘boot’

Field Notes

You might not have heard of Aku, but they're a big noise in Italy, and make some of the best, most ethically sourced footwear in Europe. These are the company's newest winter-focussed boot, and have the benefit of being unfeasibly light into the bargain - takes them out in the best of British clag and muddy slush - or UK winter conditions - to find out how they perform...

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testing environment



  • Upper Kevlar core
  • Primaloft thermal insulating lining
  • Compatible with automatic locking crampons
  • Weigh an impressive 840 grams each
  • Excellent waterproofing


  • Velcro cuff is a little short