Brands: How & Why You Should Run Campaigns On GravityFed

As a brand on GravityFed™, you likely joined with the intent of finding targeted outdoor and adventure travel influencers to partner with. As the influencer marketing platform for the outdoors, we have carefully curated a strong, growing base of influencers who routinely post great content about their adventures in the outdoor world.

Not only do our influencers share common interests and a love for the outdoors with our brands, but their engaged audiences do as well, making them a great partner to reach new potential customers (I know, that's influencer marketing 101).

While GravityFed™ is designed to allow outdoor brands of any subscription level to discover unlimited influencers and access their contact information, many brands have found significantly more value in running campaigns on the platform, and for good reasons.

First, by running a campaign, a brand can easily define exactly what they are looking for in terms of influencer partnerships for a specific opportunity and deploy that in a way that accelerates influencer interest. When a public campaign is published, it appears in the Campaign Marketplace for all influencers on the platform to view. In addition, and as a value add to brands, we also include new campaigns in our weekly newsletters to all influencers which increases the campaign's exposure and influencer interest.

Keep in mind that while your campaign is visible to all influencers on the platform, you will still have the opportunity to review each influencer as they apply and accept or deny them based on your criteria and requirements.

Second, when a brand runs a campaign on GravityFed™, our tools assist in managing key aspects. Our built in messaging system makes communicating and managing communications much easier and more streamlined.

Influencers can also upload any work they complete for the campaign in the form of a URL. For instance, if you have influencers posting photos to Instagram, they can upload the URLs to that content, and not only will you be able to see all the activity associated with the campaign, but we also display campaign metrics to include Potential Reach and Overall Engagement to give you as a brand, a great sense of how effective the campaign and influencer partnerships were.

So what are some good campaign ideas? We have developed 4 different campaign types to help guide you through making those decisions.

Campaign Types:

Awareness - Campaigns targeting qualified influencers to create exposure for new product releases, destinations, crowd-funding campaigns, events, or even the launch of a new brand or rebranding effort.

Expedition - Campaigns that seek out qualified influencers or prospective brand ambassadors for promotional opportunities associated with adventure travel destinations.

Media Production - Campaigns targeting qualified influencers for the production of specific media for use in brand marketing, and more.

Product Review - Campaigns targeting qualified influencers to produce quality product reviews. See: How to Get Product Reviews Using GravityFed (For Brands)

If you subscribe to our Green Circle basic plan (free), you may purchase campaigns for $99 per campaign. As part of this fee, you will have unlimited lifetime access to all the campaign data. If you subscribe to our Blue Square premium plan there is no $99 fee per campaign. If you want to get the most out of your campaigns, consider having GravityFed™ manage them for you. More information on our campaign management services can be found here.

To get started, login and click the Campaigns tab in the left hand navigation. Here is a video demonstrating how to create and manage a campaign:

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