​Gear Reviews & the Snippet

When we first began thinking about developing an Influencer marketing platform, we knew we wanted to focus on the outdoor vertical because that's what we're most passionate about. However, we also wanted to create a place for sharing great content, a place that we as a platform could get behind, and help amplify that content to create more value for influencers and brands – after all, a large component of the outdoor lifestyle is community.

While our content distribution tool allows influencers to post full-length reviews, for this article we are going to focus on the value this tool offers those with their own publishing platforms. Enter the Snippet...

snip·pet /ˈsnipit/ (noun): a small piece or brief extract. "...snippets of information about the gear."

Why would I post a Snippet?

In a nutshell, to help you get your content more exposure and engagement. Once a snippet is published, the following occurs with your content:

  • Gets featured on our homepage
  • Appears on "Reviews" index page
  • Included in "Reviews & Giveaways" newsletters
  • Promoted via our social channels & media partners
  • Indexed by search engines for SEO value
  • Enhanced link value from authority website (GravityFed has been online since 1999)

How do I post a Snippet?

Once you sign up and activate an account as an influencer, you can access the content distribution tool (for either reviews or giveaways) by logging in and following these steps:

  1. Click the "Profile”" link in the top right of the page
    • this will take you to the backend of your profile.
  2. Click the "Reviews" tab, located in the top navigation.
  3. Click the "+ Create Review" button located at the top/middle of the reviews page.
    • this will take you to the page where you can begin to enter information.
  4. Enter information for all required fields down to the "Field Notes" section.
  5. In the Field Notes section, add a brief, yet compelling description of the full-length review that is on your own web medium, and include target keyword anchor text as a link that points back to the full-length content.
  6. Once complete, click "Save" in the top right of the screen, and then click "Publish".

Gear Review Snippet

What content should I post?

You are welcome to post any review or giveaway snippets, for any product review or giveaway, for any brand (not just those brands on the platform). We just ask that the content be related to the outdoors, and that you keep it clean.

How often should you post review Snippets?

This tool has been designed to help promote your content. Feel free to publish Snippets as often as you like.

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