I Signed Up As An Influencer, Now What?

By GravityFed

Posted on May 09, 2018

How GravityFed Works For Influencers

If you recently joined GravityFed as an influencer and you are wondering what to do next to get the most out of the platform, this post is for you.

Activate Your Profile

  • Login or create an account.
  • Add a profile photo and connect your social channels and/or Google Analytics.
  • Add as much profile information as possible including demographics, interests, partnership types and a bio.

Browse Brands

  • Click on the "Brands" tab in the top navigation.
  • Browse all brands or filter by interests and partnership types.
  • Click on a brand card to view more information and to contact them for partnership opportunities.

Campaign Marketplace

  • Ideal for those looking to participate in a variety of campaigns including Product Reviews, Awareness, Expedition, and Media.
  • Quickly understand what terms brands are looking for with each campaign.
  • Apply to campaigns based on your interests and brand requirements.

Outreach From Brands

  • Brands will likely discover and reach out to you based on specific metrics, interests and partnership types.
  • Brands can also add you to lists or rosters they create and send you campaigns and other partnerships details.

GravityFed has been developed to help facilitate and streamline partnerships between outdoor and adventure travel influencers and brands. We provide insightful tools for brands to get a quick snapshot of the influencer's social and web presence as well as the content they are routinely publishing and the level of engagement that content is receiving.

From an influencer's perspective, we allow you to browse all the brands on the platform (this can be done by logging in and clicking the "Brands" tab in the top navigation) and we provide contact information for each of them, allowing you to reach out on a brand by brand basis depending on your interests and partnership types.

I Signed Up As An Influencer, Now What?Additionally, we have created the Campaign Marketplace. For influencers who are interested in participating in campaigns, this can be a great place to find opportunities. Simply login and click the "Campaign Marketplace" tab in the top navigation to view the list of all available campaign opportunities. You can apply to any campaigns that are of interest and that you meet the influencer requirements. Pro Tip: If you do not meet the requirements, but still feel you would be a good fit for the campaign, use the built in messaging system to make a case for why you would be a good fit.

To get the most out of the platform, the first thing you will want to do is be sure your profile is active and up to date with as much information as possible. While we require a profile photo, bio, birth date, location, gender and a connected social channel/Google Analytics to activate, much of the filtering capabilities we offer brands to find influencers hinges on the information provided. By adding as much information as possible, brands will be able to discover you much quicker and easier (all of this can be found on the Basic Information tab of your profile when you login).

Lastly, be sure and check out our gear review guide to find out how GravityFed can help further promote your content.

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