Influencers: How & Why To Post Gear Reviews On GravityFed

By GravityFed

Posted on February 23, 2019

As an influencer on GravityFed, you may have noticed a section called "Reviews" and wondered what that's all about.

When we set out to develop the influencer marketing platform for the outdoors, we knew that a major partnership component that brands are often looking for with outdoor influencers is there ability and willingness to publish product review content.

Recognizing that many of today's social influencers have built large and loyal followings on channels like Instagram that don't necessarily lend themselves to publishing gear reviews, we have developed a tool to help bridge the gap and strengthen brand-influencer partnerships in a very unique way.

Before we get into how, first please know that you may publish any outdoor related product review content regardless of whether it was the result of a brand partnership/campaign on GravityFed or not.

Our Review functionality allows influencers the opportunity to publish product review content in one of two ways.

First, for influencers that do not have their own medium for publishing review content (website/blog), they can use our platform to publish full length product reviews. This can be another channel in your arsenal when approaching brands. For instance, if you have an engaged audience on Instagram that you typically leverage, you can also now offer to publish a review of a specific product or products as part of the partnership - extending the potential reach and overall engagement of the effort.

Second, for influencers that have their own blog or website where they routinely publish gear reviews, they can simply publish a brief description of the full review and include a link that points to the full review on their website - providing some great SEO back link value.

Why Publish Reviews On GravityFed?

When review content, full length or brief descriptions, is published on GravityFed, that content is public facing and accessible by search engines. Additionally, we promote the content in the following ways:

  • Displayed on your GravityFed profile's Activity tab under the GravityFed social icon.
  • Spotlighted on our Social channels.
  • Inclusion in our newsletters.
  • Pushed out to our 3rd party media partners.

This all combines to give the content, the influencer, and the brand a nice boost in exposure and engagement.

Tip: Upload GravityFed review URLs to campaigns within GravityFed as another offering to brands during campaign execution.

Here is a brief video on how to set up a review in GravityFed.

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