Company Description

Apparel By Home Run was founded by Vietnam War veteran Glen Newell. Spending years on the sea with the navy, tending to wounded soldiers from the Vietnam War, Glen became very acclimated with the sea. After service, he couldn’t help but to acquire a deep passion for fishing. Many decades later, at the age of 80, Glen founded Apparel By Home Run. Built on the idea of innovative, attractive UPF apparel designed by real artists and anglers, the company was born in late 2018. Our team and Glen are like minded and in sync, we are quality freaks. Based out of Louisiana, The Sportsman’s paradise, we are avid fisherman and outdoorsman. With that said, you know we make our apparel with the outdoors in mind. With high-quality craftsmanship, design, and concepts, we take our artwork to the next level. Everything we design goes on UPF 50+, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, tear resistant, odor resistant, and anti-fading material, for our fishermen and outdoorsmen. In addition, we are one of the select few companies that offer this type of clothing with a fully embroidered design on the front and back. These shirts come at the same cost as any competitor’s screen-printed image. We globally supply chain our materials to find only the highest quality available in the world. We never cut corners on quality. Never.