Company Description

To educate and inspire all people to experience, enjoy and protect wilderness. The Outdoor Journal is a print magazine, with true stories from adventurers and travellers all over the world. It is a website, with news from unreported regions and stories not told. It is videos, of adventures, and expeditions to places that still have room for first descents and ascents. It is events, bringing together communities of enthusiasts and believers. It is a reviews platform, enabling travellers to make better decisions about their next adventure. It is a global network of individuals who believe in something greater than their selves. The Outdoor Journal is a call to action. We believe in clean air and blue skies. We believe in unpolluted rivers and plastic-free oceans, in pristine rainforests, clean beaches, green hills and open grasslands. We believe in living sustainable, ethical lives, in respect of the planet that has always provided for us. We believe in one Earth, with no nationalities and invented borders. We believe in saving whales and sharks, tigers and orangutans, bears, bees, baobabs and blackwoods. We believe in saving forests and wilderness areas now, when we still can. We believe the only way to do this, the only way we can survive as a species, is to make people want something different. We believe we need to change consumption patterns and growth models in developing countries. We believe in influencing new generations of humans across the planet, and make them want something other than what mainstream media makes them believe they should spend their money on. We understand that it will take a long time and be a difficult battle. Our mission is to fight environmental destruction, climate change and runaway growth driven by unending human consumption. Our mission is to save the planet. We hope to achieve it by glamorizing and enabling a better lifestyle choice for billions of people across the planet. We believe we can do it by building a highly successful, massively scalable 21st-century startup business around a global, growing community of enlightened adventure travelers and outdoor sport enthusiasts, and leveraging that force when the time is right.