Company Description

Say goodbye to random spills with SquidCup! Our patent pending dual-magnet technology (used in both the cup and base) is simple to use, maintenance-free and the best anti-spill product on the market today. The SquidCup system consists of a rubberized flexible base with 20 micro suction cups that can be used in any location that has a smooth solid surface, whether it be a boat, RV, automobile or around the home or garage. The SquidCup Base and Tumbler are designed to work together creating a movable, magnetic and secure system that will hold any beverage in place withstanding just about any motion on the water or road. Each SquidCup features: • Powerful NdFeB Rare Earth Magnets embedded in both Cup and Base for a strong, secure hold under most any conditions. • Double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold or hot. • Highly durable, maintenance-free magnetized silicone rubber base with “squid-like” suction cups that can be easily moved to wherever needed!