Welcome to the brand help section. If you are new to GravityFed, we recommend reading the following documentation in the order listed to get up to speed as quickly as possible. We are also developing a video library at the bottom of this page as well as throughout the Getting Started Guide.

Complete Getting Started Guide

  1. Sign Up
    1. Who can sign up
    2. Why sign up
    3. How to sign up
    4. Pricing
  2. Profile
    1. How to login
    2. Setting up your profile
  3. Influencer Partnerships
    1. How to find Influencers
    2. Available data
      • GravityFed feed
      • Social stats
      • Google Analytics
      • Overall metrics
      • Engagement rate
    3. How to contact influencers
    4. What to expect
  4. Rostering
    1. What is rostering
    2. Why use rostering
    3. How to use rostering
    4. Sending a campaign to a roster
  5. Campaign Marketplace
    1. What is the Campaign Marketplace
    2. Types of campaigns
    3. Creating a campaign
    4. Private vs. Public campaign
    5. Open vs. Closed campaign
    6. Campaigns list
    7. Campaign dashboard
    8. Influencers
    9. Work uploaded
  6. Gear Reviews
    1. How to participate in gear reviews
      • Full length reviews
      • Influencer links to reviews on their own blog, social channel, etc.
  7. Giveaways
    1. How to participate in giveaways
  8. Best practices, Tips, Etc.

Additional Resources:

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