Increase Reach & Engagement

Through GravityFed's unique Gear Review, Giveaway, and Video sections, influencers can post unique, quality content to support their brand partnerships. Content published through these outlets is promoted to our subscribers, social channels, media partners, and even indexed by search engines. This creates an added boost to the influencer's content, and increases the reach and engagement for both the influencer and the participating brands.

Who Can Post

We encourage all influencers on the GravityFed platform to post gear reviews, giveaways, and editorials. Whether you have your own blog or developed social media presence, or you are just looking for a web medium to publish occasional, relevant content on, these sections have been created to assist in content publishing, distribution, and promotion. Here is just a small sample of they types of influencers posting content to GravityFed:

  • Bloggers
  • Social media (Instagramers, YouTubers, etc.)
  • Athletes
  • Guides
  • Ski Patrollers
  • Bartenders
  • Adventure Travelers
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts

What To Post

Full Length Content

Our platform allows users to publish complete, full length product reviews and editorials in collaboration with the brands they work with.

Specifically designed for those that do not have their own web medium (ie. blog) for publishing longer content on, or those who what to diversify where their content resides, this feature is ideal for athletes, those who use social media as their primary voice, and/or those who are not interested in starting a blog of their own.

Snippets of Content

For those that have their own web medium for publishing full length content, we also encourage you to post brief descriptions and include a link to the content on your blog on the GravityFed platform. As mentioned above, by doing this we can help cross promote your content to our audience, increasing your overall reach, engagement, and even SEO.

Types of Content

Influencers are encouraged to post a wide range of relevant content. This includes the following:

  • Gear reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Editorials (stories, opinions, etc.)