Influencers FAQ

Q: Am I an influencer?

A: The short answer is "probably". While the current trends of influencer marketing look at total number of followers and engagement rates on content, the truth is just about everyone has recommended a product to someone that that person then bought. You influenced their decision to buy that item.

Q: How many followers do I need to join GravityFed?

A: We do not have any follower thresholds that influencers must meet. We work with brands of all shapes and sizes and some are looking for influencers with massive followings, and other are looking for "micro" and/or "nano" influencers - those with smaller followings (but often have higher engagement rates). Chances are good that you will find brands to work with regardless of your social following size.

Q: I was invited to join GravityFed as an influencer through Instagram, but I'm having trouble activating my profile.

A: If you were invited to join GravityFed via Instagram and clicked a link provided in a DM, it's likely you have not been able to activate your profile. This is a result of how Instagram accesses external websites. Simply visit this link, and should be able to complete your profile.

Q: I filled out the application to join as an influencer, but when I came back to the site and used the Facebook login to access my profile, all my information seems to be gone.

A: Don't worry! Your original profile is still available. This happened as a result of creating a profile using a different email address then what is associated with your Facebook account. Simply update your Facebook email address or login using your original email and you will be able to access you initial profile.

Q: I signed up, now what?

A: Awesome, thank you for joining us! Once you have signed up, please activate your profile by adding a profile photo and connecting a social channel or Google Analytics (the more info you can provide the easier it will be for brands to discover you). Once active, you can click the "brands" tab in the top navigation and view all the brands on GravityFed. If you click a brand "teaser" card you will see their full profile and contact information and can reach out accordingly. Also be sure and check out the Prduct Review Marketplace (link also in the top navigation) for product review opportunities

Q: Do I need a blog or website?

A: No. Although it may be easier to get deals with brands if you have a blog following, all that's required is having a degree of social influence, either in real life or on the web.

Q: How does the content network benefit me?

A: Regardless of whether or not you have your own blog or website, GravityFed is a valuable tool for extending the reach of your content. Either post teasers/snippets with backlinks or entire reviews through our content network, and we'll push out the headlines.

Q: Is it possible to have my content featured on the homepage?

A: Sure. Drop us a line and request it or better yet just put out good stuff, and we'll likely find and feature on our own.

Q: Do I need a media kit?

A: It's not required, but if you're serious about content marketing and earning potential you should have one. Even a basic bullet list with a few packages and/or service level pricing for advertising is handy. Consider offering a basic service level for brands that gets them value for providing product samples only. Influencers can upload their PDF media kits once the sign-up and activate.

Q: What are the FTC Compliance requirements for bloggers promoting products?

A: Gear reviews generally promote products. To be in compliance you must be clear and conspicuous in your disclosure at the top of your content, e.g., "We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post." Learn more about FTC Compliance for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Q: Can I use affiliate tracking links in the content I post?

A: Of course. It's up to you how you link to the brands you're working with.

Brands FAQ

Q: Is influencer marketing a new way to say affiliate marketing?

A: No. Affiliate marketing campaigns earn commission or bounty by tracking an action, e.g., sale transaction or form submission. Influencer marketing campaigns are inclusive and funded by up-front fees (or other considerations like product) paid by the brand. Affiliate marketing may be one component of an inclusive influencer marketing campaign.

Q: How do you measure engagement?

A: Currently we are measuring average engagement specific to each integrated social account.

Q What happens after I sign-up?

A: Once on board simply login, complete your profile and search for bloggers and social influencers to engage them in promotional opportunities. There is unrestricted access to all influencers on the platform. We also offer discovery and campaign management services. If you need help, drop us a line.

Q: How do you recruit, screen and qualify your participants?
A: Currently, we do not judge them solely by their follower count. While we do take that into consideration, quite honestly, we focus more on "micro Influencers" or those with smaller followings as they tend to have much higher engagement rates.
Once they join, we ask them to connect either a social channel and or their Google Analytics. We currently offer integrations with Facebook (personal and business pages), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Strava, and we have a few more in the works. Once these are connected, we are able to pull in the content they post as well as social metrics like total followers, likes, comments, reactions, etc. With this data, we produce an engagement rate for brands to better understand how effective the influencer actually is with their audience (one thing to note however, Instagram does not allow us to pull info outside of an influencers photos and number of followers, so we can not display an engagement rate for Instagram yet, but hopefully that will change).
Also, if the influencer connects their Google Analytics, we display high level historical data from their blog including total monthly visits, most visited pages/content, average time on site, and more. All of this combines to give brands a good snapshot of the influencers online presence and the type of content they routinely publish.

Q: How are they compensated?
A: With GravityFed, it is completely up to you who you choose to partner with and the terms you work out. There are no obligations or expectations on our end. That said, we certainly have influencers on the platform that are looking for monetary compensation, and we have influencers who just want product to review.

The Product Review Marketplace allows brands to create product campaigns (or listings of products they are interested in having influencers review) that include product details and campaign and influencer requirements. Once published, all influencers can view the campaign and apply. As they apply, the brand can view their profile and accept or deny them accordingly. If a brand opts for the basic Green Circle plan, they have the ability to run one active product review campaign at a time. If they opt for the Blue Square plan they can run unlimited campaigns. Also with the Blue Square plan, brands have access to our Rostering functionality where they can create lists of influencers and send/invite them to join product review campaigns. Rostering can also be used to manage existing and new brand ambassadors.
Q: What are the requirements to become an influencer on your site?

Currently, the only requirement to become an influencer is to create a profile, add a profile photo and connect either a social channel or Google Analytics. With our focus more on the micro side of things, we have chosen not to exclude influencers based on follower counts. However, we do monitor sign ups to ensure the influencers are focused around the outdoors and adventure travel verticals.