Why Use Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the best methods for getting your brand and products in front of your target audience. In today's high paced, advertisement saturated, digital environment, more and more consumers are looking to the specific influencers they trust before making a purchase - and not just social influencers. Did you know that blogs trail only retail stores and brand sites when it comes to influencing consumer purchasing decisions?

Consumer Trust

By partnering with the right influencers, brands and influencers can work together to create an authentic message that resonates with consumers, creates quality engagement, and drives sales.

Content created by brands often times comes across as bias, which leads consumers to researching product reviews and other content created by those not directly associated with a brand. Here are a few stats to keep in mind:

92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people, even if it is someone they don't know.

70% of consumers listed online reviews as the second most trusted source.

47% of U.S. consumers look to blogs for discovering new trends and ideas.

35% of U.S. consumers look to blogs for discovering new products.

Increased Conversion Rates

By creating effective partnerships and campaigns with key influencers in your vertical, brands often experience increases in conversion rates by as much as 10 times those in other marketing channels.

Ways To Leverage Influencer Marketing

Brand Awareness



Social Following

Damage Control



User Generated Content

Lasting Effect

Even after an influencer campaign has been completed, most influencers will continue to mention and promote a brand on and offline.

88% of influencers will verbally tell a friend about a brand that they have received product from and or been sponsored by.

72% of influencers will share additional posts about the brands they work with long after the initial campaign has ended.

77% of influencer indicate they are more likely to buy products from the brands they work with.

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