Welcome to GravityFed, the influencer marketing platform for the outdoors! This is a comprehensive guide to help you, as an influencer, get the most out of the platform. Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Please use the links below to access specific, detailed information:

  1. Sign Up
    1. Who can sign up
    2. Why sign up
    3. How to sign up
  2. Profile
    1. How to login
    2. Basic information
      1. Selecting interests and partnerships types
    3. Social channels
      1. Connecting, disconnecting, and refreshing social channels
    4. Google analytics
      1. Connecting, disconnecting, and refreshing.
    5. GravityFed feed
      1. Gear Reviews and Giveaways display
  3. Brand Partnerships
    1. How to find brands
    2. How to contact brands
    3. What to expect
  4. Campaign Marketplace
    1. Types of campaigns
    2. Reviewing campaigns
    3. Applying to campaigns
    4. Messaging with brands
    5. Uploading Work
  5. Gear Reviews
    1. How to post gear reviews
      1. Full length reviews
      2. Posting links to reviews on your own blog, social channel, etc.
  6. Best practices, Tips, Etc.

Sign Up

Who can join

GravityFed is open to anyone passionate about the outdoors who has an outdoor focused blog, and/or social media presence, and is interested in partnering with outdoor related brands for product review opportunities, sponsored posts, and more.

Why join

There are many great reasons to create an account as an influencer at GravityFed. Please refer to this article for just a few of the great perks.

How to join

Here is a brief video tutorial on how to create and activate and influencer profile on GravityFed:

Creating an account as an influencer with GravityFed is easy. You can either connect using Facebook (don’t worry, we'll never post on anything on your behalf), or you can fill out the application form. Once complete, you will be able to login to your new account and complete your profile.

Here's a brief tutorial on creating and activating an influencer profile.


How to login

Once you have created an account, you may login via Facebook or using the username and password you set up in the initial application process. Once you login, you will need to complete your profile in order for your account to become active in GravityFed.

(note: at a minimum, you must upload a photo, add a bio, birthday, location, gender and connect either one social channel, or Google Analytics. Once that is done, your account will be active. However, the more information you can provide, the greater partnership potential).

Once you login to your profile page, you will notice three tabs, Basic Information (highlighted in orange), Social Channels, and Website Analytics. Let’s walk through each of them.

Basic Information

If you are serious about working with brands on the GravityFed platform, it is important that you provide as much detail as possible when setting up your profile. Be sure and add a clear and concise bio to let prospective brands know who you are, and what you are all about.

Also, be sure and check all the interests and partnership types that are applicable. This can help brands identify influencers that match their desired criteria.

On this page, can also change your password if needed by clicking the “Change Password” button near the bottom of the page.

Lastly, don’t forget to click “Save”, also at the bottom of the page.

Social Channels

One of the great things about GravityFed is our social integrations. Once you have added all your basic information, click on the “Social Channels” tab. You will now have the opportunity to connect any social channels that you use. Once connected, GravityFed displays a feed of your most recent posts on your profile page which is visible to brands. As part of the display, we also provide brands with a count of likes, shares, comments, retweets, etc., and calculate an engagement rate to help the brands better understand how much activity you receive around any given social post.

Currently, our full integrations support Facebook (both a personal profile page and a “business” page), Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Strava.

How to connect

To connect a social account, simply click the social account button you would like to connect and follow the prompts.

Note: Once connected, you will be redirected to the Basic Information tab. If you would like to connect additional social channels, click the “Social Media” tab and repeat the process above.

How to disconnect

To disconnect any social channel, simply click the icon with the small box and arrow on the right hand side of the social button

Google Analytics

For influencers who have a blog and use Google Analytics, GravityFed offers full integration. By connecting your Google Analytics, you provide brands with up to date metrics on your website traffic. This can help brands quickly identify potential partnerships based on their needs.

How to connect

To connect your Google Analytics, click the “Website Analytics” tab and then click the “Connect Analytics” button. You will then be taken through a series of prompts to authorize GravityFed to view and display your analytic data.

How to disconnect

If you wish to disconnect your Google Analytics, please click the grey “Disconnect Analytics” button at the bottom of the page, below the metrics.

GravityFed Feed

You will also notice that when viewing your profile page, GravityFed displays the content you have published to the platform by default. This includes any and all reviews and giveaways. This can help brands quickly identify past reviews and the type of content they might also anticipate. Please read the Gear Reviews & Giveaways sections below for more information.

Brand Partnerships

Often times, you may find that brands will reach out to you to inquire about potential partnership opportunities. However, as an influencer, you should also feel free to reach out to any brands that you have an interest in partnering with.

How to find brands

To find brands, begin by logging into your account. Once logged in, click the “brands” tab in the top navigation. This will take you to a complete listing of all brands active on GravityFed.

From there, you can search for specific brands by typing their name in the search bar, or filter based on interests, and or partnership types.

How to contact brands

Once you find a brand(s), that you are interested in potentially working with, simply click the contact button and you will have the opportunity to email them directly.

Note: GravityFed does not support direct messaging at this time. All emails are set from your email provider to the influencer chosen email address/provider.

What to expect

The key to working with brands in any capacity is to be proactive. Seek out the brands you would like to work with, and contact them to discuss your interests, qualifications, metrics, etc. While you will likely have brands coming to you as well, a proactive approach will yield partnerships much faster.

As part of our mission at GravityFed, we are always working to on board new, qualified outdoor brands to the platform. It is a best practice to ensure all the information on your profile is up to date and accurate so that new brands can get the right information as they begin to look for new influencers. We also highly recommend reviewing new brand opportunities on a weekly or monthly basis.

Campaign Marketplace
The campaign Marketplace can be found by logging in and clicking the "Campaign Marketplace" tab in the top navigation. The Campaign Marketplace displays all available campaigns that brands are looking for influencers to participate in.

Types of campaigns

Brands can create campaigns for a variety of needs. These campaign types include Awareness, Product Review, Expedition, and Media.

Awareness: Campaigns targeting qualified influencers to create exposure for new product releases, destinations, crowd-funding, event, or even the launch of a new brand.

Product Review: Campaigns targeting qualified influencers to produce quality, far-reaching, product reviews.

Expedition: Campaigns that seek out qualifies influencers or new brand ambassadors for promotional opportunities associates with adventure travel destinations.

Media: Campaigns targeting qualified influencers for the production of specific media for use in brand marketing, etc.

Reviewing campaigns

Once at the Campaign Marketplace, you can view any campaign by clicking the campaign. This will take you to the campaign details page where you can learn more about the opportunity.

Applying to campaigns

If you are interested in the campaign and feel you would be a good fit, you can use the orange "Apply" button to apply to the campaign. You will need to accept the campaign terms so please be sure and review those prior to applying, and you can also send the brand a message if you have a question or wish to make a case for why you would be a good influencers for the campaign.

Once you have been accepted to a campaign, it will appear under the My Campaigns tab (located on the Campaign Marketplace page).

Messaging with brands

You can use the built in messaging system associate with each specific campaign to communicate with the brand.

Uploading work

Once you complete the tasks required for the campaign, you can upload your work in the form of a URL within the campaign details page. This gives brands the opportunity to review your content, cross promote, and track activity.

Gear Reviews

The ability to post gear reviews to GravityFed is a unique and highly advantageous opportunity. For influencers that do not have a blog or web medium in which to post gear reviews to, GravityFed provides a complete publishing platform. Please refer to the Full Length Review section below. For those that have their own publishing platform (ie. blog), publishing content on GravityFed can still be of great benefit. Please refer to the Posting Links to Reviews section below.

How to post gear reviews

We have made posting gear reviews on GravityFed very easy and straightforward in hopes that it will work for anyone regardless of web experience.

1) To begin, login to your account.

2) From your profile page (accessible by clicking the “Profile” link in the top right when logged in) where you update Basic Information, Social Channels, and Website Analytics, click the “Reviews” tap in the navigation at the top right right hand corner of the page.

3) The page being displayed after clicking the "Reviews" tab is where any and all reviews you have created will be hosted. You can access any of them by clicking the title of the post.

4) At the top center of this page, click the button that says “+ Create Review”.

5) Enter the information required in each field.

6) Upload photos. Note, if you wish to upload more than one photo you will need to click the orange "+", find the folder/location where your photos are on your computer, and then hold down Control (Ctrl) while selecting multiple photos. You can also select multiple photos by adding one photo and then clicking "save", then add a second photo and click save, and so on.

7) Click “Save” or "Save & Preview". Note, if you click "Save" you will then have an option to publish. Clicking "Save" does not publish your review.

Once the review has been published, it will be live on GravityFed.

Full length reviews

If you do not have your own web medium to publish full length gear reviews on, like a blog, GravityFed can provide you with a platform to do so. Simply follow the steps above in the “How To Post Gear Reviews” section and use the “Field Notes” field to produce any extra content you would like in your review. Be sure and include any links to the brand that might be applicable.

Once your review is published, GravityFed will push it out via newsletters, social channels, media partners, and allow it to be indexed by search engines. This can provide significant reach for the content, you as a GravityFed Influencer, and the brand being reviewed.

Here is an example: MADERA HAMMOCKS

You can read more about full length reviews in this blog post.

Posting links to reviews on your own blog, social channel, etc.

Have your own web medium for publishing reviews? GravityFed can still help promote your content, and even boost your SEO.

Simply, fill out the required fields in the gear review sections, and then add a brief description and a link(s) in the "Field Notes" section pointing to the full length review on your own blog.

Once published, we will promote your GravityFed content to our readership via newsletters, push it to our social channels, additional media partners, and allow the content to be indexed by search engines - passing some nice link juice back to where you pointed the link to.


You can read more about posting snippets of reviews in this blog post.

Best practices, Tips, Etc.

Always be sure your profile is up to date, and accurate.

This will help brands better understand your interests, and what you hope to achieve by working with them.

Use your GravityFed URL when directing brands to your profile for review.

Many influencers are not yet aware that we actually offer a public facing profile page that hides contact information and metrics until a brand is logged in. Directing brands to this public facing page is great way to give them a snapshot of what you are all about. More information on our public facing profile pages and how to link to them, can be found in this blog post.

Focus on engagement, rather than number of followers

More and more brands are looking for influencers that have high engagement rates, rather than influencers that have huge followings. Often times, the higher the follower count, the lower the engagement rate. From a brands perspective, it is far more appealing to know that the influencer they are working with routinely interacts with their audience vs. just publishes a lot of content that may or may not be noticed. If you are a smaller influencer, focus on engaging your audience on a regular basis and you will not only see your follower count rise, but also become much more appealing to brands.

Follow through on the terms agreed upon with brand partnerships

It is important to treat any partnership with a brand with a high level of professionalism. This includes completing the agreed upon tasks (ie. review, giveaway, etc) on time and in a professional manner.

Communication is key

Always be sure and communicate as often as is needed with a brand throughout the entire project's process. This will ensure you get all the information you need to complete the agreed upon tasks, and allow you to gain more insight as to how the company operates, etc.

Need more help? Please contact us