Uniquely positioned to leverage our growing base of more than 600 outdoor and adventure travel influencers and our Campaign Marketplace functionality, we provide clients with the opportunity to participate in quarterly giveaways that are highly targeted and produce significant engagement.

Each participating client is responsible for providing our team with 6 of an item they would like to be included in the giveaway.We allocate one item to the giveaway and the other 5 are used in a series of influencer campaigns that we manage as a way to promote the client, product, and giveaway.

Consumers can enter the giveaway by submitting their email addresses during a predetermined time frame and at the end of the time frame, a winner is chosen.

Following each giveaway, participating clients will receive a detailed report on the influencer campaigns, giveaway, as well as be provided all consumer email addresses attained for marketing purposes.

Clients are responsible for providing all product, and product will not be returned. Clients are also responsible for a weekly social media mention of the giveaway and mention in an email blast is appreciated.

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