Welcome to the influencer help section. If you are new to GravityFed, we recommend reading the following documentation in the order listed to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Also, be sure and check out this blog post: I Signed Up As An Influencer, Now What? Lastly, there we are developing a Video Tutorial section at the bottom of this page, should you find that more convienent then reading the documentation.

Complete Getting Started Guide

  1. Sign Up
    1. Who can sign up
    2. Why sign up
    3. How to sign up
  2. Profile - Please note, your profile will not be active on GravityFed until you upload a profile photo and connect either one social channel or Google Analytics.
    1. How to login
    2. Basic information
      1. Selecting interests and partnerships types
    3. Social channels
      1. Connecting, disconnecting, and refreshing social channels
    4. Google analytics
      1. Connecting, disconnecting, and refreshing.
    5. GravityFed feed
      1. Gear Reviews and Giveaways display
  3. Brand Partnerships
    1. How to find brands
    2. How to contact brands
    3. What to expect
  4. Campaign Marketplace
    1. What is the campaign marketplace
    2. Types of campaigns
    3. Reviewing & applying to campaigns
    4. Messaging system and notifications
    5. Uploading work
  5. Gear Reviews
    1. How to post gear reviews
      1. Full length reviews
      2. Posting links to reviews on your own blog, social channel, etc.
  6. Best practices, Tips, Etc.

Video Tutorials

How To Create & Activate An Influencer Profile:

Additional Resources:

Public Facing Profiles

Linking to your profile

Best Practices Blog

Lots more coming soon, stay tuned!