Former Conservation Officer and Park Supervisor, HellHikeAndRaft 2015 Participant EpicSocialAdventures , Leave No Trace Master Educator, Leave No Trace Canada Founding Member, Nature Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Trails Association Board Member Family man who loves the outdoors.


Current Brand Ambassador for RockyS2V, PURINIZE and Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST)

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One Tigris Waterproof Capsule

I was very intrigued with the One Tigris waterproof capsule, when I saw a picture of it on Face Book. I’m kind of a geek when it comes to waterproof storage options. When I saw that they were looking for people to review the product, I knew that I had to take part. As with other One Tigr...
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Sam's Natural

Posted 10 months ago

I was contacted by Sam’s Natural through the Gravity Fed website, about trying some of their products. I quickly took a look at their website, and discovered a great selection of body care products made from natural ingredients. I chose five products that I knew I would use; Ravine Deodorant...
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Element Pure Base Layers

Element Pure Baselayers-Dean Cattell I became aware of Element Pure through Twitter, as they began to launch their Kickstarter campaign back in November 2015. I was very intrigued with the product and quickly became a backer on their campaign. A day after their launch, they were the number one ...
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GORP Energy Bars Review

Posted 1 year ago

I was fortunate to attend the Outdoor Adventure Show in Calgary, Alberta in 2015.  I was representing Leave No Trace Canada, and as with most trade shows, one spends their free time checking out the other booths.  This is where I discovered GORP Energy Bars.  The name in itself is an attracta...
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Teton Sports Rock 1800 Review

I first became aware of Teton Sports through their very popular #Hikerchat on Twitter.  It became very apparent that they had a very loyal and passionate fan base, through the never-ending positive comments on their gear.  In August of 2015, I was selected to participate in HellHikeandRaft wit...
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Bounce Energy Balls Review

Posted 1 year ago

I’m not sure how I could have missed these tasty treats in my search for trail food.  I first became aware of Bounce Energy Balls during a #WeGetOutside Twitter chat that I was participating in.  I followed up with them about some samples to try (they sent me a boxful) and I’ve been in lov...
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VSSL Gear Supplies Review

Posted 1 year ago

I had seen several advertisements for VSSL in several social media feeds. When it was listed in the Holiday gift guide, I knew that I had to check it out a little further. I reached out to the company, and they graciously sent me a VSSL Supplies. This is a tough, indestruc...
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Lever Gear Toolcard 1.0 Review

Posted 1 year ago

I recently received a prototype of Toolcard 1.0 from Lever Gear in Asheville, North Carolina.  When the Gear Stash had asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new product, yet to hit the market, the gear geek in me responded with an immediate yes.  Coincidentally, I was already following Le...
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Is Boiling Time Affected by Different Cooksets

Here is a guest post that I did comparing boiling times on four different closets with the Vargo Triad XE alcohol stoves.
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