Hike By Faith’s mission is simple. We want to tell a story, you’re story. We want to introduce people to the outdoors through hiking and education to benefit their overall (physical, mental and spiritual) health. Brian Ford is the owner of Hike By Faith and has a passion for the outdoors. He is a husband to an awesome and beautiful woman, an avid backpacker, a freelance writer, and a social media specialist.


We currently partner with Gear Forward. Gear Forward, simply is about providing the next generation of stewards, adventurers, Scoutmasters and Girl Scout Leaders the resources they need to get outdoors. We also currently partner with Tenton Sports and #YourLead

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Gear Review: Munk Pack

Friday the weather was perfect to get outside for a short hike and shoot a video review of Munk Pack. Raystown Lake was the setting. Temperatures were in the low seventies, the sky was clear, the mountains stood in the back drop, and a light breeze blew across the lake. The owners of Munk Pack ar...
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Avalanche Wear: Men's Striker Crew

Posted 1 year ago

Recently I received from Avalanche Wear their latest Men's Striker Crew. After a busy day in the office, a short hike on the Mid State Trail was just what I needed and a great opportunity to wear my new shirt to test it out. In the video below you'll find my review of Avalanche Wear. Men's St...
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Applying @SawyerProducts Permetherin to My Hiking Clothes

Written by Dane Cramer, Hike By Faith Crew Here in Pennsylvania, as well as many other Appalachian states, ticks are a major concern for the outdoorsman.  Ticks are tiny, parasitic arachnids that attach themselves to a host and then gorge themselves on the host’s blood.  They are especially t...
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Gear Review: @climbonproducts

A few weeks ago I received some samples from ClimbOn Products (SKNourishment) While I am not a rock climber, I have found there product not only useful but also among the best in skin care products. I work with my hands on a daily basis on our homestead. Whether splitting wood, caring for the ga...
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Gear Review: Campfire Meals

Posted 1 year ago

You’ve just backpacked ten plus miles. You’re ready to take a load off your feet, kick back and rest. Before a much deserved rest your camp needs to be set up before dark. You begin the process of unpacking your gear, scouting a good spot for your tent or hammock, gather wood for a fire, and see...
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Gear Review: Teton Sports – Mountain Adventurer 4000

In this video we give a quick review of the Teton Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 pack. The views in this video are based on our personal testing and opinion of the pack. CLICK HERE to view more videos by Hike By Faith!
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