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Membership Fees (M=Monthly, A=Annually)

Feature Descriptions

7 Day Free Trial

Not sure if GravityFed's Blue Square plan is for you yet? Take it for a free 7 day test drive! Sign up today and subscribe to our Blue Square plan and you won't be charged until the end of the 7 day period - cancel anytime before the end of the 7 days. After 7 days, you will automatically be rolled into the subscription package without any account disruption.

Platform Training Kick Off Call

A complimentary call to go over the platform and tools available to ensure you get the most out GravityFed.

Brand Profile Page

Profile page on GravityFed that is available to all active influencers on the platform and features:

  • Company logo
  • Company description
  • Contact information
  • Interests
  • Partnership types

Influencer Discovery

Browse all influencers on GravityFed and view complete profiles including contact information. Also includes basic filtering by Interests and Partnership Types.

Verified Influencer Metrics

View verified social metrics and Google Analytics for any influencer on GravityFed.

Giveaways & Promotional Channel

Utilize GravityFed's giveaway channel to further promote brand giveaways to our influencer base, readership, and social channels.

$99 Campaigns

Use GravityFed's Campaign Marketplace to run campaigns that will be visible to all influencers. Each campaign is $99 per campaign and includes lifetime access to metrics and campaign data.

Advanced Influencer Filtering

Filter Influencers by social channel, total number of followers, interests, partnership types, age, gender, and location.

Rostering & Ambassador Management

Create rosters (aka. "lists) for any group of influencers from bloggers, to brand ambassadors, athletes, etc. and easily add influencers on GravityFed to any roster you have created. Also, send any campaign to any roster list you have developed.

Private Campaigns

Create any campaign type and mark it as Private and the campaign will only be visible to influencers you send the campaign to via a roster. This can be an effective tool in managing brand ambassadors, athletes, etc..

No Campaign Fee

Create unlimited campaigns in the Campaign Marketplace without the $99 per campaign fee. Campaign types include, Awareness, Product Review, Expedition, and Media.

Turnkey Campaign Management

Let GravityFed develop and execute effective influencer campaigns based on your specific brand needs. We will handle everything from strategy to influencer partnership development and campaign analysis.

Strategy & Metric Development

We will work with you to develop and execute an influencer strategy that is in line with your brand and will meet predefined metric goals.

Influencer Partnership Development

Let us discover and develop partnerships with key influencers on your behalf that will be essential in meeting your goals.

Campaign Creation and Execution

Complete management of all campaigns. We will work with you to determine which campaign type is ideal for your goals as well as what types of influencers.

INFLUENCER-FIRST™ Affiliate Program Management

Let us create and/or manage your affiliate program that features and INFLUENCER-FIRST™ approach. We will work with you to develop an affiliate strategy that is in line with your brand and vision for growth and leverage our growing platform of outdoor and adventure travel influencers to building strong, lasting affiliate partnerships that add real value to your brand.