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Product: Zenmaster Wood Sunglasses

Brand: ZenDen

July 04, 2018

Bottom Line

These have the build quality and style of a much more expensive pair of sunglasses. At under $35, they’re a steal. ZenDen also plants one tree for every product sold, which is a nice perk. Dylan was a pleasure to work with and replied to all of our inquiries promptly.

Field Notes

ZenDen is a small company run by adventure enthusiasts like ourselves. Most of their current inventory consists of stylish, ethically sourced sunglasses. I was totally enamored by the design of their Zenmaster wooden shades and jumped on the opportunity to review a pair when the company’s owner, Dylan, offered to send one to us.

2018 ZenDen Zenmaster Wood Sunglasses Review

testing environment

Summertime in Southern Arizona


  • Comfortable, polarization, block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation, limited plastic, cool looking


  • None