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Product: Hydra 12 Hydration Belt

Brand: Fitletic

December 19, 2018

Bottom Line

Fitletic has made a useful, minimalist running belt that is lightweight enough not to slow you down. At longer distances (with warmer temperatures) 12 oz of water is not enough to stay hydrated, but the belt is ideal for short runs. I have been using it a lot, thanks Fitletic!

Field Notes

I had oft enjoyed the occasional 3-5 mile run, but around a year ago I started getting more into it. Since then, trail running has become one of my favorite activities. It involves everything I love about hiking, with one big advantage: You cover terrain faster and see more stuff! Given my 3-4 weekly runs, I felt like a good test subject for the Hydra 12 Hydration Belt.

Before my first run with the belt, I washed the two included 6 oz plastic bottles and filled them up with water. The two bottles fit into their pouches and I secured them with the bungee cord loops. As advertised, my iPhone 7 fit in the pouch and zipped securely. It also fit Kim’s 7 Plus. The pouch also features two inner sleeves for cards or cash. I clipped in, tightened the dual-adjustable waist belt and set off for a half-marathon distance with 60-degree temps.

I discovered that the belt can be worn with the pouch in front or back. How you decide to wear it will be a matter of personal preference. The belt is made of a durable elastic material that cinches tight without feeling uncomfortable around your midsection. There are rubber grips on the inside of the water bottle portion to keep it from sliding down or riding up.

The Fitletic bottles are topped with “race caps,” which take some getting used to. There is no unlocking mechanism for the caps; water flow is activated by holding the bottle upside down and sucking on the cap. This feature is meant to keep them from leaking and allow for single-handed use. It accomplishes both, if you use it correctly. Squeezing the bottle while drinking does result in some minor leakage around the base of the cap. They are fairly easy to remove from the belt and drink from one handed without slowing down.

Fitletic Hydra 12 Hydration Belt Review

testing environment

Short runs on pavement and trails in Tucson, Arizona


  • Zips almost any smartphone in securely
  • Can be worn in front or back
  • Comfortable around midsection
  • Durable elastic material
  • One handed hydrating


  • "Race caps" on water bottles take some getting used to
  • They only don't leak if you use them correctly (which is awkward at first)