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Product: Vista

Brand: Jaybird

April 30, 2020

Bottom Line

A good, well rounded set of true wireless headphones that is only missing a few key features to be excellent.

Field Notes

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testing environment

I wore these over several days of strenuous hiking during fall weather in Sedona, and for household chores. I compared them alongside a pair of Apple AirPods and a pair of Edifier True Wirele


  • They play music from your device automatically
  • Jaybird app allows you to change the sound profile
  • “Find My Buds” feature
  • Sleek, matte black finish
  • Good, versatile wireless earbud for the price point


  • I still felt some ear pain after a few hours of wear
  • The microphone isn’t well suited for phone calls. It makes your voice sound a bit distant and garbled