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Product: Revelation Quilt

Brand: Massdrop X Enlightened Equipment

August 18, 2019

Bottom Line

I’ve been thrilled with the quality of my Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment and I don’t have any complaints. I’m 100% sold on quilts over sleeping bags for 3-season backpacking because of their weight, comfort, and versatility.

Field Notes

A little over a year ago, I bought a Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt. This quilt was produced as a collaboration between Massdrop (since rebranded to Drop) and Enlightened Equipment.

The original Revelation has been a huge hit and is one of the most popular ultralight gear items, so Massdrop decided to offer a discounted version. They’re able to do this by building hype around a niche product, measuring interest, then mass producing it at a bargain price.

The Revelation is easily one of my favorite pieces of gear. It’s my first quilt, and I’m completely sold on quilts over sleeping bags for 3-season backpacking. The benefit of this quilt is it has no full-length zipper, no built-in hood, and no useless down between you and the ground. When down doesn’t have loft, it loses its insulative properties. For its weight, the Revelation is warmer than a sleeping bag.

I love having the versatility to haphazardly throw a quilt over myself on warmer nights, or cinch down the straps and footbox on colder nights. For freezing or near-freezing temps, I wear a down hood and booties also. With these, I stay toasty in the Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation, which is rated to 20° F.

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testing environment

Dozens of nights split between deserts and mountains of the American West.


  • Lightweight
  • Warm
  • Elastic Straps Instead of a Full-Length Zipper
  • Water Resistant Down
  • Comfortable and Roomy


  • A lot of people have expressed their concerns on whether the Massdrop version is up to snuff and in my experience it has been.
  • If you’re worried about the ethics behind buying the Massdrop version, I’d encourage you to read what Danny Milks (he leads the ultralight team at Drop) had to say in these comments: