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Product: Circadian Adventure Sandals

Brand: Earth Runners

May 14, 2020

Bottom Line

Earth Runners sent us their latest adventure sandal, the Circadian. We like its overall look, quality, and Vibram sole. We don’t like the abrasive toe strap. If you can get past the toe strap of doom, these sandals are a decent price. For $84, they’re a well-made minimalist sandal that should last for many adventures.

Field Notes

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testing environment

I started by wearing them indoors all day to get used to them. Later that day, I went for a short evening walk around the neighborhood. Our first hike in Earth Runners was at Little Black Mo


  • We couldn’t get past the discomfort caused by its abrasive toe strap


  • Impressed by the sandal’s look
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Protection offered by its Vibram sole