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Product: Paleoats

Brand: TrailFork

July 05, 2018

Bottom Line

TrailFork Paleoats is a nutritious, sufficiently portioned meal that is better tasting and better for you than most instant backpacking meals. At $7.79, it is reasonably priced and can be customized to suit your dietary needs.

testing environment

The Rincon Mountains in Saguaro National Park, Arizona


  • With 520 calories and 41 g of fat, it gave me plenty of energy to get down the mountain. It was also downright delicious.
  • The packet required only 2 oz of boiled water and was ready in less than a minute. Organic cashews, banana chips, coconut milk, hemp seed, and walnuts combined for an exceptional flavor.
  • On long hikes, I prefer to eat every 2 hours, so I did not expect 520 calories to last me the whole way. However, it did give me the boost that I needed to comfortably cover some serious ground. As a result, my goal to eat well and hike happy was met on this trip. Thanks TrailFork!


  • I do not have any reservations about TrailFork or its products. However, I do think it is important to note that because their packaging is made from compostable materials, you can’t pour water directly into the packet. Most freeze dried meals are packaged in heat resistant Mylar to eliminate the need for washing dishes in the backcountry.