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December 04, 2016

Bottom Line

Field Notes

I was given the opportunity to test 3 products from Sam's Natural. As I am a total sucker for beauty products, this was an exciting endeavor. Though Sam's does seem to spend the bulk of marketing attention on men, I'm happy to chime in on my experience. Here's what I tested: The Handsome Candle - Sunset Scent The Avocado All Day Lotion Sam's Natural Coconut Lip Balm sunset On their website, I found the claim "HANDSOME CANDLES ARE BUILT FOR MEN WHO LOVE CANDLES." But I feel perfectly confident that women will like these candles as well. I know I find my Handsome Candle in the Sunset scent to be just dandy. It appears to last quite long, as the wick isn't fading too quickly after burning it for hours on end. I like that the ingredients are natural, soy in this case. The scent is really strong and crisp, but not overly heady. It's perfect for relaxing in a bubblebath (even for men who love candles), or clearing out the scent of a salmon in the kitchen. I'm absolutely one of those girls that owns far more candles than could be called reasonable. This is a brand I would buy again..but this candle is lasting so long, I shouldn't have to replace it anytime soon. everyday_lotion Next up I tried the Sam's Natural Everyday  Lotion. Living in the arid climate of Utah can be a tough thing in the winter, especially heading up to altitude multiple times a week for skiing and exploring. My skin always suffers in this promised land of desert and dry air, and I always view lotion application as a chore rather than an indulgence. I'm also pretty picky about what I put on my skin, and I'm careful to choose products that aren't primarily water-based, as they tend to exacerbate the issue of dry skin, rather than solve it. This lotion from Sam's Natural absolutely does the trick. It's thick, and luxuriant, but it also absorbs quickly so you don't feel gross putting clothes on immediately after application. I keep it in my gym bag and use it after hot yoga several times a week. So far it's helped me combat the yucky transition from fall to winter in Utah, where your skin goes haywire and can't produce enough moisture to account for the change in season. I am also completely comfortable putting this on my skin because I trust that the products Sam's Natural is putting into it's concoctions are safe for me and my skin. attachment-1-2 Last, and definitely best of all would be the Sam's Natural coconut lip balm. I have something of a lip balm addiction, but I know many a gal who suffers from the same affliction. Because I'm a super sucker for any all lip balm strategically placed near a cash register, I've amassed quite a collection. Because I spend so much time outdoors in Utah's bone dry climate, I am a good candidate for lip balm collecting. As you can see from the image above, this is just a sampling found in the pockets of a few winter jackets, my ski bag, and my mountain biking kit. I have arranged my extensive collection from left to right (least favorite to favorite). As you can see the Sam's Natural performs very well. This for several reasons:
  • The texture is perfect, not at all waxy or sticky
  • The packaging is fun and neat (I've yet to meet a girl who isn't thrilled by cleverly packaged lip balm)
  • The flavor smells great, it's not overpowering or synthetic in any way
  • It doesn't melt in super hot temperatures (an issue in Utah in my black Subaru)
I will absolutely purchase this product again. It's tough to find a lip balm that doesn't taste/feel like crap. And even tougher to find one that is safe/organic. Sam's is at the top of my list!  

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