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Product: Gear Tag, UV Paqlite (large), Pet Tag, Glostik

Brand: UV Paqlite

November 01, 2018

Bottom Line

Loved the product. Very useful and many ways to use the various products.

Field Notes

I used the UV Glow Stick and the UV Gear Tag on my backpack when hiking. I placed it on one of my zippers so I can know where the zipper is at in the dark for easy opening. I also placed one on the zipper of my tent so I can know where the zipper is at for easy entering in the dark. You can also place the Gear Tag on your keys, gps, or a specific gear that you use a lot for easy finding in the dark.

I also used a Glow In The Dark Pet Tag which you can use to put on your pet. You can also attach this to your keys or a zipper as well.

Another product that I used was the UV Paqlite. I placed this on the front of my tent as a "porch light" to help illuminate the entrance of my tent. At night I placed it inside the tent hanging as a nightlight. This is perfect for when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to find something like your water bottle or a flashlight. It is also helpful when camping with kids. My girls are scared of the dark so this helps keep them at ease throughout the night.

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Camping, Hiking, Home


  • Rechargeable, reusable, eco-friendly, easy to use, lasts forever, never dims, recharge with any light source.


  • Not as bright as military tactical lights but bright enough to help you in the dark.