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Product: Trail Trekking Poles

Brand: Black Diamond

August 30, 2018

Bottom Line

These are a high quality product and are built to last. We've put these poles to use for nearly 4 years and they are still in perfect shape. Poles are a game changer for hiking long distances and especially for climbing up and down on steeper trails. These poles make a difference on many hikes!

Field Notes

For more details and photos, take a look at our blog post here:

Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles

testing environment

Many trails including deserts and mountains. Muddy trails, snowy trails, dry dirt and gravel trails.


  • Very comfortable grips
  • Easily adjustable on the go
  • Collapsible to a size that fits in checked luggage
  • Very durable


  • Would be convenient if they collapsed a tad smaller, for carry on size luggage, but that is not a big deal at all. If we're traveling by air to hike, we likely have plenty of gear for a checked bag!