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Product: Matador Camera Base Layer

Brand: Matador

May 08, 2018

Bottom Line

​This is a super fun product... it's really a "puffy jacket" for your camera! It sounds silly at first, but then it just starts to make perfect sense. I tend to just want to drop my camera in a backpack, and don't love always having to tote along a camera insert or some bulky foam padded bag. This Matador item solves the problem. ​

Field Notes

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A Puffy Jacket For A Camera? The Matador Camera Base Layer!

testing environment

Hiking trips in the deserts and forests, protecting my camera from waterfalls and ocean mist, and from being tossed into a backpack.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use, for quick camera access
  • Includes a waterproof cover
  • Great looking!


  • Doesn't work well with bigger lenses
  • Leaves the sides of the camera exposed, if wrapped a certain way with a bigger camera body