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Product: "Premium" Sunglasses

Brand: Knockaround Sunglasses

December 14, 2018

Bottom Line

Great quality, lightweight, and fun designs... all great features of Knockaround Sunglasses. We'd recommend these for those everyday adventurers who want to protect their eyes while looking great, and not spending a ton of money on sunglasses that might take a beating!

Field Notes

We are big fans of having sunglasses on our adventures. Sunny Southern California can be blinding at times, so we always have shades on hand. Better yet, we tend to have a backup pair in the car, too, in case something happens to our main pair. At the prices Knockaround has on their shades, we'll likely have a steady stash of good sunglasses for the future. Their shades are lightweight and come in fantastic colors and styles. There is even an option to design your own, which we love!

Our specific sunglasses are the "Premium" models and we ordered them Polarized. Having sensitive eyes, polarized sunglasses are not an option, but a requirement! They are very lightweight, which makes them comfortable. And like I mentioned, the price tag is the big attention grabber! The thing is, even though they don't cost a lot, they are still a good quality and tough set of shades.

They come in a nice box with a soft bag for storage. We use the bags to keep our sunglasses protected in the car, but keep a hard case on hand for throwing into a backpack.

The specifics about the shades we reviewed -

  • The blue/grey pair is "Graphite / Green Moonshine Premiums, Polarized"
  • The brown pair is "Glossy Tortoise Shell / Amber Premiums, Polarized"

testing environment

Desert camping in very bright sun!


  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • Tons of colors and design options
  • Durable


  • None yet