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Product: Pack Light, Glow Stick, Key Tag, Pet Tag

Brand: UV Paqlite

October 22, 2018

Bottom Line

We got these cool glow in the dark products from UVPaqlite and we are impressed. They recharge with ambient light, a flashlight, or the sun, and they glow for hours. No batteries, waterproof, durable, and some cool science in the mix!

Field Notes

We were intrigued by this product from the first time we saw it. We were so happy they let us give their products a try out, because they are just as cool as we expected. The great people at Paqlite sent us a large pack light, a glow stick, and two smaller tags that work great as keychains. One happens to be in the shape of a dog paw, so this one is a cute keychain, but would also be a great pet tag!

Due to some cool science, the products they provide glow in the dark at a very bright level and last a long time between "charges". The best part is that charging these items just requires some sunshine. If they see the light of day for a few minutes, they glow very brightly! In case of a cloudy day, or forgetting to put them into the light, you can even charge them just by shining a flash light at them. They charge over and over again, without any electricity or batteries. The glow lasts a long time, 10 hours or more.

The big pack light is ideal for putting in a tent at night, after laying it out in the sun for a while earlier in the day. It glows just enough to provide light for moving around, without needing to turn on a headlamp or brighter light. We also noticed that it doesn't seem to attract bugs as much as a normal light.

The glow stick hangs on my backpack all of the time now. It served a good purpose in the back of a rental car, with not trunk lights, as it was certainly bright enough for me to find my bag, but also bright enough to help me find what I was looking for in a pocket of the bag. It also made a bright identifier of my bag in a dark overhead bin on an airplane!

The smaller tag is a good keychain or for attaching to something that tends to get lost in a bag. I could see attaching this to a flashlight or something in my backpacking bag, so I can easily find something I need in the dark. The pet tag is the same, and clearly would be perfect for hanging on a pet collar. I opted to use this as a keychain, and it is so great. I have keyless start on my Subaru, so my keys get tossed in the console or somewhere, and I frequently cannot find them easily when it's dark out. This has totally solved my problem of losing my keys in random spots in my car! It also makes digging them out of a bag very much easier!

So, this unique company is providing a very unique set of products, and we are impressed with them. The family behind the product is sincere and truly cares about their products. The science of these items is really fun if you want to nerd-out and learn more, check out their website. We'd definitely recommend their products - they do what they say, and solve some unique problems! Check them out!

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Air travel, camping, road trips, everyday life


  • Bright, easy to charge, no power needed, product lasts forever


  • None so far