By leveraging our network of more than 600 qualified outdoor and adventure travel influencers, we are able to uniquely align brands and influencers to create strategic partnerships based on specific needs and goals. Our influencers are highly adept at educating and directing customers to new products while providing positive feedback of the products and brand on and offline.

Each client has the opportunity to interact with influencers to build a relationship and establish trust.As part of our management agreement, influencers will discuss any negative feedback with the client promptly and directly and refrain from posting any negative content.

Our packages provide brands with two different campaign types to meet specific influencer needs, and please contact us if you would like a customized option.

Awareness Campaigns: Ideal for building brand awareness and getting the word out about new products, promotions, events, etc.

Product Review Campaigns: Detailed reviews of specific products.

Client will supply all products and products will not be returned. Pricing includes all influencer and campaign fees.

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