GravityFed, Inc. Announces Rebrand; Celebrates 16 Years of Sustainable Business

For Immediate Release: GravityFed, Inc. Announces Rebrand; Celebrates 16 Years of Sustainable Business

For over 16 years GravityFed has published skiing and mountain-lifestyle web content. In that time we have represented many brands, sponsored many promotional events, and have been a sanctioned media outlet for Alta Ski Area.

GravityFed Logo Then & Now In particular The Daily POW, an offshoot of AltaCam (acquired by GravityFed in 2005), has grown a substantial social media following for it's Alta skiing video blog that brings together media technology, artistic expression, and complete shredding. On January 1st we announced a new direction for GravityFed, and at the same time returned to our original roots of helping influencers connect with brands. Times have changed, but the idea is the same. We have been digging deep into the web server to retrieve archives to share on our Facebook page, from product reviews to now-famous "ski-lebrities" coming up short on HUGE gaps. INFLUENCERS: If you run a popular blog or have a social media following in the outdoor industry, SIGN-UP FREE. Once you're on board brands will have the ability to reach out and engage with you directly for inclusive marketing campaigns. BRANDS: If you're looking for new brand ambassadors, vetted bloggers or other web influencers, you can also SIGN-UP FREE (for now!). From there you can perform your own outreach, or contract with GravityFed's agency services to handle outreach. We are pleased and excited to offer outreach automation and expert agency services for outdoor industry brands as the next iteration of GravityFed! EMAIL GARY or JESSE if you need help with your digital marketing strategy, or to get insights into the latest online marketing trends. Video courtesy

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