INFLUENCER-FIRST™ Affiliate Program Management

Our three founders have over 30 years of combined affiliate marketing experience working with outdoor brands.

In its purest form, affiliate marketing delivers. But the landscape has changed significantly. In the early days it meant personal websites adding 468x60 banners. Now there are publisher corporations with hundreds of employees.

It goes without saying that sale referral tracking online is a crucial component for any web retailer. But brands new to, or considering, affiliate marketing need to be informed. There can be legitimate risks and liabilities with a program managed incorrectly.

With that we are pleased to announce our INFLUENCER-FIRST™ Affiliate Program Management service. No technical integration required.

INFLUENCER-FIRST™ Affiliate Program Management

Leverage GravityFed™ to help you build an influencer-powered affiliate program with product reviews, awareness campaigns, ambassador discovery & management...more!

If you have an existing affiliate program that's overrun with coupon sites *OR* you are looking to launch and grow an INFLUENCER-FIRST™ affiliate program, reach out to us today.

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