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  • LuminAID Lab
  • My Trail Co
  • Rad Dog
  • Snek Cycling
  • Uncharted Supply Co

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influencer metrics & campaign tools

social metrics

Social Metrics
  • Specific and total follower count among social channels.
  • Gain quick insight on social content being shared regularly.
  • Evaluate engagement rates for each channel.

google analytics

Google Analytics
  • Up to date, accurate influencer website traffic metrics.
  • See which pages and content are getting the most views.
  • Insight on total monthly visitors, average time on site and more.

Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering

  • Search for influencers based on partnership types and interests.
  • Refine discovery by social channel and total number of followers.
  • Create partnerships that are in line with your brand.

Rostering & Ambassador Management

Influencer Rostering

  • Create rosters for any group of influencers.
  • Add influencers on GravityFed to any roster you have created.
  • Send any product review campaign to any roster list.

Product Review Marketplace

Product Review Marketplace

  • Create product listing campaigns for influencers to review
  • Accept/deny influencers based requirements
  • Track engagement

Gear Review Collective

Gear Review Collective

  • Influencers can post full length or snippets of gear reviews.
  • Gear review content is promoted to our readership.
  • Increased exposure and engagement in the outdoor community.

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